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The Television Installation Co. provides services for both residential and commercial environments. Our experts have experience from the simplest TV set ups to outfitting your house so Wi-Fi seamlessly flows throughout your home. Take a look at our services below, or contact us to ask about what else we can do to fulfil your audio and video installation needs.

  • System planning & design
  • Television installation
  • Television wall mounting
  • Whole house AV pre-wiring
  • Internet – WiFi distribution
  • Aerial distribution
  • HDMI distribution
  • Remote control consolidation – distribution
  • In-ceiling & outdoor speakers
  • Wireless speaker systems
  • App control
  • Board rooms & conference rooms

TV mounting & installation

Looking to mount your TV on the wall? You need something secure and stylish, something that will suit your everyday needs and stay fixed to the wall.

Whether you want a simple or complex TV wall mount, the Television Installation Co. can install and mount it for you.

We offer TV mounting options such as:

  • Corner TV mount
  • Full motion TV mount
  • Swivel TV mount
  • Hanging TV mount
  • Flat wall mount
  • Tilt wall mount
  • and more

Ask us about any other pre-wiring you need today!

Whole house AV pre-wiring

Are you building a new home? The Television Installation Co. provides pre-wiring services so you get the most out of your audio and visual systems in your dream home.

While an electrician can do pre-wiring for you, they aren’t experts on the intricacies on the entertainment systems you would like to install in your home.

In new homes and remodels, the typical pre-wiring includes:

  • TV & video distribution
  • Network & Wi-Fi
  • Home audio
  • 2nd & 3rd zones

Ask us about any other pre-wiring you need today!

Internet – Wi-Fi distribution

No one likes it when the Internet drops off when you walk out of the room with the router in it, or when the video lags while you’re watching videos on YouTube.

The Television Installation Co. can distribute your Internet and Wi-Fi throughout your home, office and more so you have consistent, stable and strong service to do what you need to do online.

We can use a combination of Ethernet cables and mesh systems in order to maintain a stronger connection than a traditional Wi-Fi setup no matter where you go in your home.

Remote control consolidation – distribution

Tired of having five different remote controls for your TV and audio setup? It can be frustrating trying to remember which remote goes to which system, or even worse, losing a remote when you need it most.

The Television Installation Co. can provide and program a universal remote so you can access everything in one easy place. Not only that, but we’ll show you how to use it so you never have to bumble through controls again.

The Television Installation Co. experts will do the following:

  • Program your universal remote to control all your devices so you can access all your systems in one easy place.
  • Test the remote to make sure all devices are connected to it.
  • Teach you how to use the remote and how to customize it further.

In-ceiling, outdoor and wireless speaker systems

Want to have the immersive experience of the cinema in your own home? What about an outdoor speaker system in your backyard that’ll be the envy of all your mates? Or even a wireless speaker system you can move around in the blink of an eye?

The Television Installation Co. can consult, design and recommend the best speaker systems for your home or office.

In-ceiling speaker systems: In-ceiling speakers are a discreet way to have gorgeous sound throughout your space. We’re able to recommend and install the best possible speaker system for your room, sound and budget requirements.

Outdoor speaker systems: Nothing is better on a hot summer day than your favourite tunes playing throughout your backyard. The Television Installation Co. can recommend speakers that withstand weather wear and tear, and install it in a way it’ll blend with your backyard décor.

Wireless speaker systems: Tired of tripping over your speaker wires and having them tethered to one area of your home or office? We can recommend, install and connect wireless speaker systems together so they sync seamlessly with your lifestyle.